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Today was One of the Greatest Days of My Life

I did not have to go to the hospital today. I did not have to set my alarm clock today. I did not drive around a crowded parking garage looking for a space, silently cursing the existence of other human … Continue reading

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Achilles, Hector, and Rafa

When I first wrote about the 2008 Wimbledon final in my blog, I found myself wishing that Homer was alive to see this.  (Of course, Homer never could have seen this, since legend tells us he was blind. :))  The … Continue reading

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Tennis Question

Is there some sort of unwritten rule that Pascal Maria has to be the chair umpire at really big matches?  Just saying. I’m still formulating my thoughts about the final.  I’ll post that in the following days.

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I should be doing homework.

But I’m not.  What else is new?  Too much energy!  🙂

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Some Post Australian Open Music

This track is long, but so was the final.  It scares me to death, but so did the final.  It makes me feel alive, but as heartbreaking as it was, so did the final. 

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Brutality and Berthold Brecht

Watching The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo made me think once again about violence in movies and in the theater.  As I summarized in my previous post, my experience in watching the movie can be easily divided into two parts; … Continue reading

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The Australian Open Final…

…makes me think about this scene from one of my favorite movies.  And this scene.  And this.  Remember Rafa fans, what doesn’t kill you only makes you stranger.   

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