Caroline Wozniacki Makes Me Mad

One thing I really love about tennis is the fact that there isn’t really a player I dislike.  I don’t even dislike Nole, even though he’s beaten Rafa six times.  Believe me, it would be so much easier if I hated him, and I’ve tried!  But I can’t hate him; he always manages to charm me and make me like him.  There is one player, however, that does get under my skin, and that is Caroline Wozniacki.  At first, I couldn’t explain it, because she’s never done anything morally reprehensible, as far as I know.  But I’ve realized it’s not her personally, it’s what she represents to me that I can’t stand.

Let me explain.

Periodically, I will see headlines about tennis on Yahoo!, though Yahoo! doesn’t really seem to understand what is going on in the world of tennis.  I saw headlines about Rafa crying about the death of an athlete friend, but no mention to Nole’s winning streak or Rafa’s record-tying French Open.  However, a few months ago, i noticed a somewhat annoying pattern of Yahoo!’s posts.  Whenever they posted about women’s tennis, it was always fashion related.  They never talked about the women’s record setting tennis match in the Australian Open, but they poured over the wardrobe choices of the women athletes.  (Did they ever analyze the fashion choices of the men?  No.)  This stuck in my craw, much the same way a letter to Jon Wertheim complained about Kim Clijsters being fat.  (Does anyone ever criticize Rafa for being fat?  Did anyone criticize Mardy Fish for being fat before he lost his weight?)

I realized that, in some way, this is inevitable.  Women’s tennis simply is nowhere near as strong as men’s tennis right now, where the Big 3+Andy drama plays almost like a soap opera.  Which brings us back to Caroline Wozniacki.  Caroline Wozniacki, the number 1 player in the WTA, has never won a Grand Slam.  In fact, she did not even make it to a Grand Slam Final last year.  She made the semi final in Australia, and had match point against Li Na, only to lose.  She made it to the semi-finals of the US Open, where Serena Williams defeated her without too much trouble.  I didn’t even give her much of a chance to defeat Serena.  Before the match, I posted on Facebook, “If Caroline Wozniacki manages to beat Serena Williams, she will have earned a lot of legitimacy.  That being said, she won’t beat Serena.”  I was right. Caroline Wozniacki has come to symbolize the power vacuum in the women’s game right now.  She’s consistant, steady, but not dominant.  Her game also lacks weapons and power.  There is even some debate over whether or not she cares about winning a Grand Slam.  There was an article recently on with a coach, discussing his disagreement with her and her father about whether or not it was more important for her to win a Grand Slam or to be ranked #1 in the world.  The coach felt Grand Slams were important, her father says otherwise.  (Does she have an opinion on this subject?  Don’t know.)

I realize that I don’t hate Caroline Wozniacki, but rather I’m angry at the lack of respect that women get.  Why is it that a woman can’t simply be a great athlete?  Why does our society judge a woman’s value solely on her appearance?  That’s what bothered me so much about the Susan Boyle phenomenon.  It was if our culture was shocked to find out that “ugly” women had talents too.

What bothers me even more is that some women today don’t even seem to want respect for anything other than how they look.  I don’t pay too much attention to girl’s fashions, but everywhere I turn, women are complaining that mothers are dressing their six year old girls like whores.  A friend of mine  with a five year old daughter laughed at the line in the movie Love Actually about Barbie dolls looking like dominatrices, and assured me that it’s not far from the truth.  When I grew up, I played with Dr. Barbie.  Dr. Barbie went through four years of college, took the MCAT, and survived four years of medical school despite a potentially crippling disability.  Barbie passed a surgical rotation despite the fact that she cannot straighten her arms or move her fingers!  Talk about perseverance in the face of incredible obstacles!

When I look at Caroline Wozniacki, I occasionally even find myself wondering if she wants that respect.  After she started dating Rory McIllroy, they released a picture of the two of them kissing in front of the football team, and they’ve even chosen to brand themselves WozIllroy.  Seriously, who brands themselves?  None of this would bother me if she was winning Grand Slams, but since she’s not, I wonder if this is how she wants to be perceived, as one half of a celebrity couple.  Does she want to be known as a great tennis player or is she satisfied with being a famous girlfriend?

I realize that it’s (incredibly!) unfair for me to pin all of this on Caroline Wozniacki, and I really try not to do that.  But I really find myself annoyed with how women tennis players are perceived, at the fact that the wider media simply focuses on their looks or their clothes, rather than their tennis playing abilities.  The power vacuum, symbolized by Caroline Wozniacki’s rise to the top of the WTA rankings, doesn’t help to overcome this belief.  This is completely irrational, I know, this anger at Caroline Wozniacki.    Intellectually, I understand that it’s not Caroline Wozniacki’s responsibility to raise the level of women in tennis, or in society as a whole.  But for whatever reason, I can’t help it.

And now, a palate cleanser.  I only heard this song for the first time about a month ago, but I love it.

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8 Responses to Caroline Wozniacki Makes Me Mad

  1. queridorafa says:

    To be fair, Muzz did once call Rafa “stocky.” 😉
    Caroline is quite the interesting case. I’m a bit of a contrarian on her though–it’s almost like everyone expressly not liking her/making snarky comments about her (not that you’re comments here are snarky–they’re not) etc. makes me like her more. Also, the criticisms her game receives–not aggressive enough, a pusher, etc.–are similar to the criticisms I used to get as a player, so that too makes me instinctively defensive of her. (although–I do think she’s probably–like a lot of tennis players, male and female–a bit immature and a bit self-absorbed; hence, Wozzilory).
    But–I definitely agree w/ you that the fashion/appearance/looks-focused coverage of female athletes is over-the-top. It still seems to be the case of “omg, she’s an athlete AND she can be hot/pretty! Amaaazzzing!” (I’m thinking especially of the ubiquitous “glam” and/or semi-nude photo shoots that pretty much all female athletes seems to participate in these days) It’s like the women are only valuable–really valuable–if they look good. (to be fair, though, I’m not exactly complaining about Rafa’s “glam” photo shoots, now am I? 😉 )

    • LOL, I wouldn’t expect you to complain about Rafa’s glam shots. The one thing about the Rafa glam shots is that there isn’t this obligation for a male athlete to be hot, but I feel that there’s a much bigger burden on a female athlete to be hot. Of course, there’s a much bigger burden on women in general to be hot!

      I definitely see your point about people criticizing Caroline Wozniacki’s game. It must be tough, if you played a similar game; it must feel as if people are criticizing you!

      • ariennalee says:

        To tag onto your discussion about “glam,” one thing I’ve noticed–with some distress–is that instead of women gaining the right to be more than “objects,” male celebrities are becoming increasingly objectified. I’m not talking about being happy to watch the Rafa shirt change at the change of ends… I’m talking about the Armani ads. I’m talking about the pressure for male models to be simultaneously waif-ish and muscular. I actually think that there is LESS space for male athletes/singers/etc who aren’t willing to be sex(ualized) objects than there used to be. Of course, for women it’s terrible… and I do think that young Caroline (she is so young in terms of identity formation!) is falling right into that trap. There is still an expanded definition of “sexy” for men. They can be older, balder & fatter than women (so long as they’re funny). Caroline seems to be having a tough time finding her voice with so much public scrutiny.

        Your post made me wonder… what DOES Caro think is more important? A Slam or the ranking? I really can’t tell.

        Also, I was REALLY irked with Wertheim over the Kim commentary too! My trip to IW last year was the first time I’d seen women play live in a long time and I was impressed with how athletic they all looked in person. TV flattens images, making the women look both less muscular and larger. Also, there are so many different types of bodies out there… Kim is so obviously solid and round-cheeked by nature. If they all looked like Dani it would be frightening.

      • I know what you mean, rather than elevating women, we’re just bringing down men. It’s sad, really, when you think about it. 😦 I mean, it’s still easier for men than for women, but two wrongs do not make a right.

        You know, I’ve been thinking about that quite a bit, “What does Caro want?” I almost included more of that in the article, about how her father appears to make so many decisions for her, but I realized I didn’t know enough about that. But it’s certainly worth asking, “What DOES Caro think is more important? Is SHE driven to win a Grand Slam?” I can’t tell either, and I was fascinated that, in the article, it didn’t even attempt to answer that question. It seemed far more important to determine what her coach and what her father thought about her career.

  2. mariposaxprs says:

    I’m not a fan of Woz either, although it’s not her game that irritates me (does that make it better or worse?) It’s more her persona — if she developed a whipping FH, sure I’d like her more, but I still wouldn’t want her to win a GS. I felt more willing to defend Safina or Jankovic against the critics who kept pressing the “Slamless No. 1” issue.

    My perception is that Woz is too pleased with her celebrity. It’s strange b/c when I think of it, there are quite a few WTA players whose “persona” I dislike — Sharapova, Vika, Woz, Petkovic. But my negative perceptions of players have a lot to do with the way they’re portrayed outside of tennis, which might be unfair to them … Then again, that may also represent just how much their image rests on fashion shoots/appearances too!

  3. martin says:

    Caroline is really annoying, her attitude stinks. she is a plastic, she became no. coz everyone is injured, and she join a lot of touranments, for example back in 2010 sharapova ranked world no.10 bit her tours are 11, wozniacki is no. but her tours is 22. She will be forever slamless, and everyone hates, specially when i’m reading some comments in WTA Facebook page. and shes trying to be fashionable, when she is not. plus her game is boring, like doing some pathetic moonballs, she can’t play real tennis.

  4. bino says:

    Maria Sharapova is a celebrity, but she proved that she can be no.1 and can win/ completed a grandslam. I mean its hard to win a grandslam, winning a wimbledon at 17 is hard, specially serena,venus,kim,justin and mauresmo are sin their A-Game. And she is a great tennis player. unlike Wozniacki., she is trying to hard.

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