Upset Disappointment

Ok, I now have a bit of an upset in the AO.  And yet, I am disappointed.  Hewitt defeated Raonic in the third round, which I was not predicting.  But I’m also disappointed, because I wanted to see Raonic play Nole. 

No, I don’t think Raonic could have beaten Nole.  (I’m not crazy.)  But I am trying to learn more about the up and coming players, and one way to do that is to see how they match up against the best players in the world.  *Sigh.*  I guess there’s always Indian Wells. 

Lleyton Hewitt

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2 Responses to Upset Disappointment

  1. mariposaxprs says:

    I was surprised Hewitt pulled off a mini-upset over Raonic too. I think there will be plenty of opportunities this year to see how the younger players fare against the top 4. I was expecting more of it at this Oz Open, too. Raonic will play a lot during the HC season too, since he has a lot of points to defend.

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