Emma’s Random (post surgery) Thoughts part 2

1 It’s easy to overdo it post surgery, and to forget the limits of your body.  So I’ve set a timer so I’m not on the computer for too long.

2 I have a 2-3 inch long cut about level with my collar bone.  The surgeon tries to put it in a crease in the neck.  Unfortunately for me, I don’t have a huge neck crease at that point, but she did the best she could.

3 The Cosby Show was a great comedy show, and makes wonderful post-surgery viewing. 

4 My voice is still very weak, but it’s getting stronger every day.  My mom agrees that it sounds much better than it did two days ago.

5 My calcium was low yesterday.  I had lots of tingling in my fingers and hands.  I took a Tums every hour on the hour for three or four hours, and that helped a lot. 

6 I’ve been a lot more careful about that today than yesterday.

7 I have not been given a perscription for pain medication.  I can take up to 3 Advil every six hours.

8 My cat was meowing like crazy this morning, and I had the strangest dream that I was on trial for owning twenty cats. 

9 I am not dead, but Whitney Houston is.  😦  Such a shame.  Such a beautiful voice.

10 I have to keep my incision out of the sun for the next few months, otherwise the sunlight will make my scar even darker and more noticeable.  It’s good to live in Cleveland sometimes, in February. 

11 I don’t have any stitches on the surface of my scar, just a surgical glue.  I can’t scrub it, but I can shower.  I have dissolvable stitches inside the scar, so I won’t need to have stitches removed.

12 Texting is a great way to keep in touch with your friends, especially when you can’t talk. 

13 The dose of thyroid replacement therapy is slightly higher than it would normally be, because the thyroid hormone actually helps to supress abnormal cells and cancerous cells. 

14 How come my younger brother never has to have surgery?  Much as I do love him more than life itself.

15 It’s going to take me some time to get used to needing medicaiton, not just practically but psychologically.  I’ll say more about that at a later time.

16 While I was in the hospital, I fell asleep during reruns of The Nanny, and I dreamt that Fran Drescher was a Bond Girl.  I know, I know, scary.

17 Frozen corn is so soothing after intubation.  Intubation sucks, I’m not sure I mentioned that in my previous posts. 

18 Nurses rock.  They do so much work, they know so much more than people give them credit for, and they are awesome people while they are doing it.  Mad respect. 

That’s it for today.  More at a later date.

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14 Responses to Emma’s Random (post surgery) Thoughts part 2

  1. Arienna Lee says:

    I love your updates, Emma! It’s good to hear that you’re recovering with your sense of humor fully in tact. Thanks for keep us all updated & letting us know you’re in good spirits. (Wish I could watch an episode of the Cosby Show with you–my favorite one was when Rudy thought there was an anaconda in the basement.)

  2. mariposaxprs says:

    I’m a bit late, but I’m happy your surgery went well and that you’re on the road to recovery!

    Thanks for your updates and I think it’s a great relief that you still have your sense of humor intact, after all the intubations and hospital visits.

    It’s the funniest things that calm you down during a hospital stay, isn’t it? I had a short stay 2 years ago and I ended up being placed in the pediatrics ward — so I made do with BBC nature documentaries, which they so kindly aired on the TV. I hope you recover your full voice and that the frozen corn helps. It’s odd, I’d never known people ate frozen corn — I always thought it’d be ice cream for an achy throat! In any case, I hope you have the smoothest transition as possible to this new post-surgery life.

    Many many hugs!!

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