Tomorrow is my Surgical Follow Up Appointment, and a Question

Tomorrow I see my surgeon.  She’s going to remove the surgical glue that is covering my incision sight, and also clear me to go back to work.  I have been off from work since last Friday, the day of my surgery.  Technically, she could tell me to stay at home, but I would be very surprised if she did that.  I’m feeling pretty much normal now.  🙂  Presumably, she’s also going to let me know whether or not my thyroid was cancerous or not.  As I said before, even if it was cancerous, they rarely (if ever) do radiation or chemo with thyroid cancer.  They don’t usually need it.  As a result, I’m more curious than worried, more apprehensive than scared. 

Oh, I had a request from thyroid patient to take a picture of my scar.  I’m willing to do that, however first I want to explain something.  Right now, it’s an incision, as opposed to a scar.  The surface of incision sight is red, scabbing essentially.  The incision sight is also raised, or is starting to rise.  This is called the “healing ridge.”  Skin, as my physical therapist once told me, heals from the bottom up, which causes the ridge. 

This means that a picture of the incision sight would look a lot more grotesque than it will in a few months, once the scabs fall off.  However, I am willing to take a picture of my incision sight, and post it online.  The question is if I can get someone to take it.  I might have to get a friend to take the picture, since my mom doesn’t like taking those kinds of pictures. 

I also have a question.  Tomorrow I am getting my picture of my thyroid.  I asked my surgeon to take a picture of my thyroid for my Human Biology class.  She took a picture on her cell phone, and will  e-mail it to me.  She showed it to me, but I wasn’t wearing glasses or contacts at the time, which means that I couldn’t really see anything.  However, it did look pretty red, raw, and bloody. 

So, do I post a picture of my thyroid on the blog?  Or is that just too graphic? 

Please post yay or nay in the combox.

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8 Responses to Tomorrow is my Surgical Follow Up Appointment, and a Question

  1. mariposaxprs says:

    I hope your check-up/consultation with the surgeon goes well! I think it’s good that you’re familiar with your condition and staying positive, as it’s a good way to stay calm and know which questions to ask of the doctor.

    As for the photo, I would say do what makes you feel comfortable. If you’re okay with sharing it (and if there are other thyroid patients who are curious about the incision), then that’s certainly one reason to go ahead with it. Whatever you decide, I’ll be back visiting your blog! 🙂

    Good luck tomorrow and I hope you get the OK to return to work. Very happy to hear you’re feeling almost back to normal.

  2. new fan on the blog says:

    Hello Emma,
    Finally, I’ve come round and read your thoughts about the SI pics. Needless to say, that I agree with everything you wrote.
    I’m glad, that your surgery went well and you are on the recovery road.
    As to a scar photo: Nobody, who doesn’t want to, has to look at it So, there should not be a problem. And, maybe in a year you can post another one, which looks a lot better!

  3. P says:

    Hello Emma, just wishing you good luck on your appointment. Hope you get the best possible news.

  4. Bebe says:

    Will be thinking of you….and keeping everything crossed that the news is as positive as it seemed to the surgeon!

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