I may have to start hating Gael Monfils

A few months ago, over at Querido Rafa’s blog, I started joking that Gael Monfils was going to win the Golden Slam this year.  (You have to follow tennis to get the joke.)  I even stayed with this joke after he lost in the AO, saying “I guess he’ll have to content himself with winning the French Open, Wimbledon, the Olympic gold medal, and the US Open.” 

But all that may be in the past.  I may have to start hating Gael Monfils. 

The reason is quite simple.  Over on QR’s blog a few days ago, I learned that Gael Monfils stated that Lebron James is his favorite basketball player. 

Being a Clevelander, Lebron James is my sworn enemy.  There was a joke about ten years ago that said, “You know you’re from Cleveland if you believe that the anti-Christ has lived and walked among us, and then he moved to Baltimore.”  That joke referenced Art Model, who moved the Cleveland Browns to Baltimore.  That joke could now be amended to say, “And then a second anti-Christ lived and walked among us, but then he took his talents to South Beach.” 

Now, as a Clevelander, how can I possibly like any player that likes Lebron James?  It’s no different than Galiano, the fashion designer who two years ago shouted out, “I love Hitler!” 

I realize that comment may be too mean, and I would like to apologize. 

Hiter, I’m sorry I compared you to LeBron James.  That was cruel. 


So, until Gael Monfils comes to his senses and is able to recognize pure evil when he sees it, I will have to hate Gael Monfils.  😦

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2 Responses to I may have to start hating Gael Monfils

  1. Iram says:

    the only reason i dislike lebron so much is that he IS SO cocky and so full of his own praise. I’m from Lakers-state and yes Kobe is into his success as well…but lebron just overdoes it.

    p.s. hope u’re healing this wknd

    p.s.s. Ferru won! So happy for him.

    • I feel the same way. I don’t blame Lebron for leaving Cleveland. We all want to leave Cleveland! But the whole hype of The Decision put on TV, in living color for the whole country to see, just how arrogant and cocky he truly is.

      I am healing this weekend. I spent most of yesterday on the couch watching TV and napping after a week at work, and I’ve taken a vow of silence. My voice still gets hoarse very easily and I start caughing, though this weekend my cough is much better than it was!
      Yay for David!

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