I feel sorry for Andy

Poor Andy Murray. 

Dejected: Murray

This post is somewhat late, but I do feel sorry for Andy Murray, aka Muzzard.  How can you not?  The poor guy is representing a country that hasn’t won a Grand Slam title in 3,000 years.  In fact, it was widely believed that Britain never won a Grand Slam.  It wasn’t until 1922 when the world was shocked to discover that a British player had indeed won a Grand Slam, in the year 1335 BC. 

1922, for those of you who don’t remember, was the year that Howard Carter discovered the tomb of king Tutankhamun, or King Tut as he is commonly known.  As he entered King Tut’s tomb for the first time, he saw on the wall hieroglyphs that told of the great Egyptian player Senenmut, (pronounced Sen en moot) who went to Wimbledon in 1335 BC as the overwhelming favorite to win the title.  Unfortunately for the Eygptians, the Senenmut was defeated by a young English player, whose name has been lost to history.  (He became popularly known as Fred Perry.) 

Howard Carter, himself an avid tennis player, was overwhelmed with emotion as he read the inscriptions on the wall that told of his ancient countryman’s triumph.  Tears filled his eyes as one of his assistants asked him, “Do you see anything?”  to which Howard Carter replied, “Yes, wonderful things!” 


*Sigh* Poor Andy Murray.

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6 Responses to I feel sorry for Andy

  1. exiledtyke says:

    Emma, as an Englishman could I ask you to follow the convention of the English press. When Andy Murray wins he is referred to as British but when he looses he is Scottish. This applies to any British, but not English athlete, with the appropriate change be they Welsh, Northern Irish or Scots. Please co-operate as the union is already under threat from the Scottish National Party and an error like you made could finish it altogether!
    As to not winning tennis grand slams, well, it just goes to show what nice, friendly people we are that we take a back seat so that others are able to enjoy such petty triumphs. Sic gloria transit as some unknowm Roman senator said, unless that statement can be attributed to Fred Perry!

  2. mariposaxprs says:

    This was a surprising result, although I hear Garcia-Lopez played really well. I think what makes it even more bizarre is the fact that Muzz seemed to be on a mental-positive swing after his new coaching arrangement w/Lendl. Even after his loss in the AO SF, he seemed to have a good outlook.

    Then again, with Andy Muzzard, who knows what’s really going on? He could very well come back with a vengeance at Miami and then have a rip-roaring year. He could certainly make his move in the rankings if he does well at the next Masters in Miami, so there is a fair bit of hope!

  3. Holy cow, I posted this as a delayed response to Andy’s loss to Fed, and now it’s even more relevant with his loss at Indian Wells! Oh man! Muzz, Muzz, Muzz. Poor guy.

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