March (film!) Madness part 1

In less than one week(!) the 36th Annual Cleveland International Film Festival will begin! 

I have bough tickets for six shows.  I’ll also explain why I chose these shows. 

1 The Finger (Argentina)

The Finger
This is a film about a town in Argentina that elects a dead man’s dismemebered finger as mayor. 
I am not normally a fan of movies from Latin America, but I read this summary without realizing the film was from Argentina and I realized I had to see it.  The impules to put bizarre objects or animals to positions of power goes back literally thousands of years, to Caligula making a horse a Senator.  So I am looking forward to a dark political comedy. 
2 Up Heartbreak Hill

Up Heartbreak Hill
When you live in the Eastern United States, it’s really easy to forget about Native Americans, except at Thanksgiving.  And truthfully, white Americans have a strange relationship to Native Americans.  I remember hearing my brother talk about a conversation with a student in London about America’s relative lack of history.  The student asked him, “What about the history of the Native peoples?”  When I heard that, I had two thoughts.  First, “We don’t know much of anything about that time,” and second of all, “That’s not my history.”  That second comment stuck with me, since, after all, the Native Americans are a part of this country, of course, and part of the American experience.  That’s why I’m seeing this film, because I want to learn more about a world that I often forget exists. 
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2 Responses to March (film!) Madness part 1

  1. Erica Scharf says:

    Thanks so much for posting about this, Emma. The sentiments you expressed are a big part of why I wanted to make this film. I grew up on the East coast, too, and I realized that information about current-day Native communities was hugely lacking. I look forward to meeting you in Cleveland!

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