Short Films Introduction

 The CIFF puts a group of short films together, usually between 5-7, and shows them.  These films are usually a mix of different genres of films, ranging from less than five minutes to almost half an hour.  The short films can be animated or live action, documentaries or fiction. 

The short films are one of my favorite parts of the festival, and I highly (highly!) recommend going to see short films.  First of all, going to a film festival, even “just” a regional one like Cleveland, can be overwhelming.  I was talking with a friend a few weeks ago saying that she can never figure out which films she wants to see, since there are so many.  (The Cleveland Film festival, according to the program, hosted 160 full length films from more than 60 countries this year.)  Unfortunately, rather than developing a system, or at least choosing one film to see, she often sees no films. 

There’s an easy solution, short films.  🙂  With an average of six films per block, you’re almost guaranteed to see something you like.  And as for the films you don’t like, they’ll be over in less than half an hour!  This is an easy way to see many different types of films in one outing.  They’re also great to go to in groups, if the group can’t agree on what to see.  Second of all, how often do any of us get the chance to see short films?  In my grandparents’ day, there was always at least one short film or cartoon before the start of a movie.  Those days are sadly gone now.  The last short I saw before a regular movie was Night/Day (I think) which was before the start of Toy Story 3.  And that was a Pixar Short Film!  No offense to Pixar, but that’s a huge studio.  What about other film makers? 

Ok, now that I’m done preaching about the virtues of short films, I should say that I saw Short Films Block 10.  I liked all of the films at least moderately, which is great!  (There’s usually one you don’t like.)  The short films are rated by the CIFF on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being the best.  I’ll let you know soon how I voted on the films and why.

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