Mastering The Art of Low Iodine Cooking Part 1

Next Thursday I have to start my low iodine diet.  Ick. 

On May 17th, I have Radioactive Iodine Therapy, which will destroy any remaining thyroid tissue in my body.  Most thyroid cancer patients have this treatment because it reduces the risk of thyroid cancer recurrance.  It also makes it easier to monitor a patient for thyroid cancer.  All that is normally needed is a simple blood test. 

Part of the prep for this is to go on a low iodine diet.  Thyroid tissue uses iodine to make the hormone thyroxin, which regulates metabolism.  The low iodine diet will starve the tissue of iodine, so that when the radioactive iodine is introduced, the thyroid tissue will absorb it more readily, thus making it more affective. 

Basically, the low iodine diet is going to suck.  It’s not going to suck the way that surgery sucked, because that was terrifying, whereas this is going to be incredibly annoying. 

For two weeks, I can’t have

1 Fish, Seafood or seafood products

2 Dairy Products

3 Eggs

4 Red Dye #3

5 Store bought breads

6 Iodized salt, or any food processed or prepared with iodized salt

I also have to limit my quantities of

1 Meats and Chicken (5 ozs a day)

2 Grains and cereals (4 servings a day)

3 Rice (limited quantities of Basmati rice) 

So, this will not be fun.  However, I’m going to make the most of it. 

Fortunately, the Thyroid Cancer Society has collected a Low Iodine Cookbook, so I will be using that for the next two weeks (really close to 3 because I think I have to stay on it until my treatment is done.)  So I’ll post next about the foods I can eat that I love, and the recipes I want to try.

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