My Year Without Sex Review

The greatest movie I have ever seen at the Cleveland International Film Festival is The Rape of Europa.  The second greatest film I have ever seen there is My Year Without Sex. 

My Year Without Sex is a Australian comedy about an incredibly serious subject: What happens when you (or your spouse) suddenly almost dies? 

This is what happens in my year without sex, when the wife drops to the floor with a bleeding in her brain, and ends up in a coma.  Her head is shaved for emergency surgery, and her husband sits by her bed as she lies there, comatose, with heavy Frankenstein stitches along the side of her head. 

This is the most serious thing that happens in the movie, and the rest of the movie follows the family as they go through the next year.  I was struck by how deftly the movie balances between comedy and drama.  The best example of this is when the family is in a car accident.  For a moment, the viewer gasps and cannot believe that some new tragedy.  Then, the driver of the other car jumps out.  He is a drag queen, dressed in full garb, who begins shouting at them.  The scene is simply hilarious, and all of the tension of the car accident is dispersed. 

After the film festival ended, I talked with someone about the festival and the movies we had seen.  She had seen My Year Without Sex, and said, “But it’s not what you think!”  I said, “I know!” 

So, with that in mind, go see My Year Without Sex, because it’s not what you think.  🙂

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