Mastering the Art of Low Iodine Cooking Part 3

Every year, before Lent, many people celebrate Carnival, which comes from the Latin for “goodbye meat.”  This celebration began in the Middle Ages, when Lenten fasting was far stricter, no meat, eggs, or dairy products for 40 days.  This is why pancakes are a popular dish on Mardi Gras, because they use a lot of dairy or eggs, and if you didn’t eat it, you had to throw it out.  The next two weeks of my life will actually be somewhat like a Medieval Lent (or an Eastern Orthodox Lent, since they still follow the rigorous fasting) only I won’t be allowed to eat seafood and I will be allowed to eat small portions of meat and chicken. 

In the spirit of Carnival, my mom and I went to Red Lobster for dinner on Sunday, to say “goodbye iodine.”  Needless to say, since fish and seafood are very high in iodine, I will not be eating fish for seafood during the course of my diet.  I ate the shrimp feast, featuring breaded shrimp, shrimp alfredo, and my favorite, shrimp drenched in garlic butter.  So tasty, and so bad for you.  😉   I also picked up some brie cheese and crackers, neither of which I’ll be able to eat on the diet. 

However, my diet starts in a little more than 36 hours, and I have also examined the Low Iodine Cookbook created by the Thyroid Cancer Association.  Here are two of the recipes that I want to try.

Moroccan Soup

This lamb soup sounds hearty and spicey, and quite flavorful.  It utilizes tomato paste, cumin, cinamin, parsley, and many other flavors.  I like the idea of making something tasty during my low iodine diet, so that I have something to look forward to over the next few days. 

Beef Currey

I’m actually thinking about substituting lamb for beef.  If you love Indian food, as I do, you’ll know that an Indian restaurant never serves beef or pork.  This is because Hindus do not eat beef, and Muslims do not eat pork.  Most Indian restaurants serve lamb in lieu of beef.  However, I have never made a currey recipe in my life, and I would very much like to make one.  There’s very little a good currey cannot fix, including a limited diet.  🙂 

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