So You Had A Bad Day…

So, I had a bad day today; not an epic bad day, but I lost an earring, I WAY overcooked my meat for lunch so it was like eating a piece of leather and all the customers were, to quote a co-worker, “whackjobs.”  Whackjobs.  And harpies. 

But, as it turns out, I was not the only person to have a bad day today. 


Rafa lost today to Fer. 

I’m surprised, but remember in my prediction post, I said that my gut told me that things are not as they seem! 

I’m not really too upset about this.  First of all, Fer played very well, and he was due to beat Rafa for the first time.  Eventually the law of averages had to kick in.  Second of all, I’m glad he didn’t get injured.  That would have been scary and disappointing.  He just loss.  I can live with that. 

“You sing a sad song and you turn it around…”

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