And you thought blue clay was bad!

Don’t ask what I had to do to get this, you don’t want to know, but I hold in my hands the list of other changes that Tiriac wanted to implement at the Madrid Masters tournament. 

1 Tiriac, in order to add some excitement to the matches, wanted shark infested pools to be built around the stadium.  In order to enter the stadium, fans would be required to pole vault over the sharks.

2  In order to appeal to young children, ball boys, linesman, and umpires would dress as characters from Sponge Bob square pants. 

3 Two words: wooden racquets. 

4 Tiriac also wanted to broaden the WTA’s appeal among teenage girls.  To this end, for each WTA match, one player would wear a shirt saying “Team Edward,” and the other would wear a shirt saying “Team Jacob.” 

5 Each player would receive a banana cream pie each set to throw at their opponent before the set ends. 

6 Tiriac also planned to replace the Madrid Masters trophy with a life size replica of himself. 

7 The final of match of the Madrid Masters would be played on a court suspended over an active volcano. 

Looking at the list, we should be glad that Tiriac implemented the blue clay! 


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