Emma’s Random (Hunger Games) thoughts

I saw The Hunger Games for a second time this weekend.  Here are some random thoughts about The Hunger Games.

1 The Hunger Games is better the first time.  Of course, it was also a lot more stressful the first time around, so in some ways, I enjoyed it more the second time around.

2 It was definitely funnier the second time.  I was able to really appreciate Stanley Tucci’s (wonderful!) character of Casesar, and the absurdity of the situation.

3 The idea of 24 teenagers fighting to the death is horrific, as it should be.  I would be a lot more disturbed if the movie made it seem as this was not morally problematic.  Lots of people are upset about the violent premise of the stories, and understandably so.  However, I would also argue that the violence in The Avengers and Spiderman is problematic for a different reason, because they make violence seem like harmless fun.

4 However, we have to ask ourselves, “Is this idea so far removed from our modern society?”  We do not pay young men to “fight  to the death,” but we do pay young men to “fight until they suffer severe (even deadly) injury.”  The NFL makes millions of dollars to pay men to collide into each other until they suffer broken bones, torn ACLs, concussions, and even worse injuries.  I remember seeing a player in the Detroit Lions break his neck on the field.  An ambulance came out on the field and I saw them intubate him, and one of the paramedics was inflating the bag, because he could no longer breathe on his own.  By some miracle, he lived, and is not paralyzed. 

I think we need to consider this, especially in light of what happened in New Orleans. 

5 My mom (who has not seen The Hunger Games) and I also talked about the similarities between the Hunger Games and the Vietnam War.  Both had lotteries, or “drafts,”  they were trained to fight to the death, and both were featured live on national television.  In both cases, the deaths of the young people were portrayed as not only necessary, but honorable. 

6 In the movie, Katniss has to pretend to be in love with Peta in order to get sponsors.  I often think about the obsession modern people have with the relationships of celebrities.  Someone once said, “Any day you don’t see the Kardashians on TV is a good day.”  Just a thought. 

8 Stated above, but deserves being stated again: Stanley Tucci is a great actor.  I’ve never seen a bad performance from him, and I’ve seen him in some pretty diverse stuff.

9 Once again, Katniss is a great heroine, far and away superior to stupid lame Bella. 

I know everyone is sick of this song, but here it is again, in honor of Katniss.

10 Last thought: Elizabeth Banks, when I first saw her, looked like a bald man wearing a weird wig.  It had to be said.  🙂

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