Emma’s Random (Cleveland Clinic and Cleveland) thoughts

1 I got to tour the Cleveland Clinic somewhat when I was down there these past two weeks.  It is huge! 

2 It’s almost impossible to explain to people the role of the Cleveland Clinic in this city to outsiders.  I’m sure people from Baltimore can understand.  The Cleveland Clinic is not simply a hospital system.  It’s the city’s largest employer, and takes up blocks and blocks of land. 

3 It’s amazing how many people from the Middle East come to the Cleveland Clinic.  It’s well known that the Clinic has treated Saudi royalty in the past, though I’m sure members of the house of Saud aren’t simply walking around the hospital.

4 There are lots of good looking young guys, many of them doctors.  It had to be said.  😉  It’s a good reason to go back.  😉 

5 I was surprised by the view at the top of the Clinic.  They have an observation deck, and the Clinic is much closer to the lake than I expected.

6 The city of Cleveland is also much greener than I expected.  It’s difficult to realize this unless you get a good view from the roof. 

7 There are condos being built near the clinic!  This is super exciting. 


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2 Responses to Emma’s Random (Cleveland Clinic and Cleveland) thoughts

  1. Emma, my parents met in Cleveland and my Dad’s family is from there, so I understand! In many ways, Cleveland is such an underrated city.

    • You know, it is in some ways. I remember hearing about an ad campaign in Philadelphia that said, “It’s not as bad as Philadelphians say,” and that could apply to Cleveland as well.

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