Mastering the Art of Low Iodine Cooking Part 7

I have less than 24 hours (!) to go on the low iodine diet.  Nonetheless, I finally got the chance today to make Moroccan soup. 

It was a fairly easy soup to make, and very hearty.  It started with onions, and this time I bought Videllia onions, which don’t sting as much.  I also used a fair amount of olive oil.  I substituted the garlic cloves with garlic powder, since i didn’t have garlic cloves at my disposal. 

I was stunned by the amount of spice that goes into this dish!  Cumin powder, tumeric, cayenne, and cinnamin!  I also put in non-iodized kosher salt, though perhaps not enough. 

I used lamb with the dish.  The recipie didn’t say when to put the lamb in, so I threw it in with the spices, so that I could brown the dish. 

I used chicken stock as well.  I made the chicken stock myself, since I cannot use chicken stock with salt.  Chicken stock was incredibly easy to make, and I’ll definitely consider making it again in the future!  The one frustrating thing about chicken stock is that everyone in the world has their own idea about how to make stock!  The only consistancy for it is that stock invovles bones.  I learned on Cooks Country that stock involves bones, and broth involves meat.  “There’s no bones about broth!” 

The dish also called for garbanzo beans, but I didn’t have that.  Instead, I used black beans, because I had tons of those.  I also did not use tomato paste, because I’m not sure I could have found unsalted tomato paste.  It was a miracle I found unsalted canned tomatoes. 

In the end, the dish was very good.  It’s garnished with cilantro and parsley, and tastes very well.  The recipie says that this soup gets better in the refrigerator, and I find that’s frequently true.  Lots of these kinds of dishes need to sit overnight and allow all of the flavors to meld.  It would also be a great vegetarian dish, just leave out the lamb.  It would still have tons of protein because of the rice, black beans, and lentils.  (I wonder how it would taste with corn added to it.) 

I’ll be done with the diet in less than 24 hours, but I will make this soup again one day.  🙂

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