Nadal d. Djokovic 7-5, 6-3

I didn’t wake up and turn on my computer until the match was over, so when I got to I was surprised (pleasantly!) to see that Nadal had defeated Djokovic. 

Spanish Rafael Nadal celebrates with the trophy after winning the AFP Rome Tennis masters on May 21, 2012. Nadal defeated Serbian Novak Djokovic 7-5, 6-3.  AFP PHOTO / FILIPPO MONTEFORTEFILIPPO MONTEFORTE/AFP/GettyImages

I read Pete Bodo’s racquet reaction and I was surprised to hear that Nole seemed out of sorts.  He was destroying racquets again, which is a troubling sign from him.  Nole still has the chance to make history at Roland Garros by becoming the first man since Laver to win all four grand slams in a calendar year (and the first to do it on 3 surfaces) but he has to be calm and focused, especially if Federer (who will return to #3 in the world next week) ends up in his half of the draw again.  Of course, Nole’s been through a lot lately with the death of his grandfather, so he might simply feel angry at the world right now.  (Boy do I get that!)  Totally understandable, but very unhelpful to his cause at the moment. 

For Rafa, on the other hand, this is undeniably a huge boost.  Rafa regains his Rome Masters title and hasn’t lost to Nole once on clay this year.  He hasn’t even lost a set to Nole on clay, which is surprising to me.  He gets to go into Roland Garros with a lot of confidence and a feeling that his adjustments against Nole are working. 

The best thing about this recent development is the excitement that this builds for Roland Garros.  Both Rafa and Nole are playing for history, and the recent wins on Rafa’s side will mean that a Rafa v Nole final will have a certain degree of uncertainty; anything can (and possibly will) happen at Roland Garros this year.  As one poster on said, “Now it’s a rivalry.” 

Indeed.  Game on.

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4 Responses to Nadal d. Djokovic 7-5, 6-3

  1. old fan of the blog says:

    You know my thoughts about Novak’s (presumed) state of mind during the second set of the match, but I absolutely agree with you: For Rafa it’s a huge boost, and we probably should just leave it at that! And it would have been a travesty, if the two of them could have met in the semis. I’m very, glad, that they dodged that bullet. While I firmly believe, that Rafa can beat first Fed or (preferably) Andy, and then successfully take on the Djoker, I have my doubts, if this would go well the other way round.

    • Oh, it would have been such a letdown to have Rafa vs. Nole in the semis. I know what you mean, it would probably take a lot out of him to beat the Djoker, so I am glad he’s got the #2 spot again!
      and you’re right, let’s just be glad about the confidence boost and leave it at that!

      • old fan of the blog says:

        I have checked out, what you have to say about the blue clay, and I liked it. I will send you another link with a good article about it later. I just have to find it again, lol! It’s from a staunch Serena fan, who nevertheless critizises her harshly for her ‘men are weenies’ remark.

      • Thanks, I’ll have to check that out. What I objected to the most was the whole, gimmicky nature of it, and the fact that, instead of the tennis, we were all talking about the color of the play! Super annoying.

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