The Draw is Rigged!

When I was visiting today, I noticed that once again people were saying that the draw is rigged, because Roger and Nole always end up in the same section.  At first, I thought this was nonsense, but then I was looking at pictures of the draw, and I noticed this shady looking character. 

The picture is fuzzy, but it’s clearly a man holding an umbrella!  I’m very suspicious of this man, and I think that the doubters are right! 

The draw is fake, there is in fact a second drawer!  The second drawer remains hidden from view, perhaps on some kind of picturesque grassy knoll. 

The question of course, is, who is the second drawer?  Who is controlling the draw? 

Here are some suspects

1 The Mafia

2 Cuban agents

3 Russian agents

4 The CIA

5 Rogue elements within the US Government

6 Lyndon B Johnson

Yes, you read that right.  Lyndon B Johnson is controlling the tennis draw from beyond the grave! 


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