Together in Paris

1 As we approach the beginning of the French Open, I find myself dominated by one question: How is Nole feeling?  I saw the footage of Rome, with Nole smashing racquets, swearing at the line judge (apparently) in Serbian (very uncool Nole!) and verbally abusing himself at the end of the match. 

Robin Soderling, the only man to beat Rafa at Roland Garros, once said (paraphrasing) “It’s possible to beat Roger and Rafa, but you have to have a very very good day.” 

2 I don’t bother to ask how Rafa is feeling, because I think Rafa is feeling ok. 

3 Will Andy Murray make the semifinals?  Andy has been in full blown Scottish mode in the clay tune-ups.  For those not in the know, Scottish mode means he’s been losing.  Normally, he’s almost guaranteed to make the semi-finals, (he made all 4 semi-finals last year!)  but I’m not feeling it this time around.  He could still surprise me, but I’m doubting him. 

4 Federer won Madrid, but that doesn’t count.  Madrid was like some sort of alternate tennis universe.  Clay is blue, down is up, Fernando defeats Rafa, etc, etc.  Doesn’t mean I don’t think Roger can make the final, but I think that Roger needs help to win his next major, and I don’t see him getting that kind of help here.

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