Caroline Wozniacki is Out

Caroline Wozniacki lost in her third round match at the French Open, continuing her disasterous year.  The former World #1, despite having never won a Grand Slam, lost the match and her cool apparently.  She has not won a title this entire year and is currently ranked #9 in the world.  Ouch. 

Caroline Wozniacki French Open

When she lost her #1 ranking at the AO, she promised she would be back at #1 by the end of the year.  Halfway through the year, I wonder if she will be in the top 5. 

One question I always wanted to know while she was #1 in the world was “What does Caroline think is more important, winning a Grand Slam or being #1?”  However, with the rise of Viktoria Azarenka, the resurgance of Maria Sharapova (and Petra Kvitova waiting in the wings! :)) that’s no longer an either/or question.  I predict that this year, the woman who finishes #1 in the world will have won a grand slam this year. 

I read that Caroline Wozniakci has hired yet another coach to help her stop her downward spiral.  I hope she fired her other coach, her dad!   

I just saw that Viktoriza Azarenka lost to Dominika Cibulkova in the fourth round!!! 

It really does seem as though the tennis gods want Maria Sharapova to win the French Open.  Who am I to argue with them?  Though I’ll still be pulling for Petra, of course.  But the tennis gods are being incredibly (incredibly!) kind to Maria Sharapova.  Seriously, did she sacrifice a goat to the tennis gods before the start of this tournament?!?!?! 


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1 Response to Caroline Wozniacki is Out

  1. Lauryn Rebollar says:

    Maria Sharapova is so beautiful and also she is a very talented person. Being sporty and beautiful at the same time is not very common.

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