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Lynn Barber and Rafa: One Year Later (part 1)

One year ago, June 5, 2011, Lynn Barber fired the shot heard around the tennis world: a tension filled, somewhat rude, and frankly, very bizarre interview with Rafael Nadal.  Now, after the past eight months of ultrasounds, biopsy, surgery and … Continue reading

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Just becaue it’s been this kind of a day…

I heard that some people were criticizing the Duchess of Cambridge for wearing red at the flotilla and upstaging the Queen.  To all of those people, I say, “Suck it.  Suck it long.  Suck it hard.”    So there.  I … Continue reading

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Ok, What Is This

  I know it’s the logo for the French Open, but what is it?   

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Caroline Wozniacki is Out

Caroline Wozniacki lost in her third round match at the French Open, continuing her disasterous year.  The former World #1, despite having never won a Grand Slam, lost the match and her cool apparently.  She has not won a title … Continue reading

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JFK Movie Review (sort of)

While I was watching the extended scenes with commentary, I noticed Oliver Stone made a major historical error in his commentary.  He stated that Jim Garrison’s book, On the Trail of the Assassins, that served as the basis for JFK was published in … Continue reading

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