Gymnasts I’ll be watching in London: Part 5

Viktoria Komova: Russia

Viktoria Komova is an incredibly loved gymnast.  She is loved because she embodies the beauty and the artistry of the past Soviet gymnasts.  Her floor routine for 2011 used a techno rendition of Swan Lake as the music, and her choreography incorporates a lot of ballet.  Vika’s other characteristic is her deceptive amount of power.  To many, she is the epitome of what a gymnast should be, powerfully elegant.

Viktoria’s big weakness will be floor (possibly, because of weak tumbling after ankle injuries) and her beam.  She’s beautiful on beam, but she’s not a fighter.  She sometimes gives up to early on bad landings, and she doubts herself and wobbles.  But she’s incredibly gorgeous on those routines, so if she hits her beam routine it will be lovely.   While I think the AA competition is too close to call, no one (including me) would be surprised to see her come out on top.  She’s also strong on bars, and will try to add Olympic Bars Champion to her titles of World and European Bars champion.  Two gold medals are definitely within reach, she could also make a killing in London.

BTW, check out the tumbling sequence on beam.  Wow, that takes me back to Atlanta 1996…

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