Gymnasts I’ll be watching in London: Part 4

Yao Jinnan: China

Yao Jinnan is the 2011 World AA Bronze Medalist.  She came in third with a fall on beam, if she had not fallen, she would have won (most likely).  She’ll be challenging for the AA, and a major player on China’s depleted team.  She’ll likely compete all events in the team final.

Her vault could potentially cost her the gold.  As far as I (or anyone knows) she is currently doing a double twisting Yurchenko vault, which is worth a 5.8.  Many other top competitors will be doing the Amanar vault, a Yurchenko vault with 2 1/2 twists, which is worth a 6.5.  This means Yao Jinnan will have a .7 deficit to make up somewhere else.

These are her routines from the 2011 Worlds.  This video also calculates her D score, or difficulty start value for her routine.  It’s really cool to watch, because you can learn a lot of the names of the elements.

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