The problem with gymnastics part 3: Larisa Iordache’s foot

Larisa Iordache is suffering a foot injury, and will not be doing the All Around.

This is a blow for Romania, who will lose her vault and floor, especially her floor.

It’s also a blow for gymnastics fans, because the All Around just became a little less competitive, and therefore a little less interesting.

It’s also a reminder to me of why I do not watch gymnastics live, only on YouTube.  The injuries have gotten out of hand.

Now, I grant that this is probably an overuse, cumulative injury, rather than a sudden trauma.  But I think that gymnasts today are being encouraged to pursue high difficulty above all else, at the expense of artistry, execution, and even safety.

Beam routines are now so jam packed with acrobatic tricks there is no time left for choreography, and the risks they take are incredibly high.

I don’t want to take anything away for Larisa’s work on beam.  It is certainly impressive.  And yet, I have a question.  What did the FIG think was wrong with this routine?


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