The Flying Squirrel Overachieves

Congratulations Gabby Douglas.  She did what I hoped she would do.  She hit all four routines.

Oh, she also won.

It would have been nice if Viktoria Komova had won, especially since the US got team gold.  She is a visually stunning gymnast.  But, c’est sport, and at least Vika can walk away knowing she gave a great performance and fought hard to the bitter end.

A part of me wants to root for the Russians for the rest of the games, such beautiful athletes deserve to be rewarded.  And yet, another part of me thinks, “This is the Olympics, it’s all about patriotism!  USA!  USA!”  Fortunately, for the next competition, vault finals, rooting for beauty and for America is one and the same. 🙂

And Mustafina capped off her comeback from a severe injury with an All Around Bronze!  Good for her.  She should be very proud of herself. 

I wish they could have all won gold, but they should all be very proud of their performances.

And now gymnastics fans will begin the age old debate: Did the right person win?  I will not be joining this debate, because 1 I am not a judge and 2 I still don’t know who should have won the 1980, 1984, 1988, 1992, 2000, and 2004 Olympic AA competition.  I have to go in order.

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2 Responses to The Flying Squirrel Overachieves

  1. mariposaxprs says:

    I didn’t watch as many gymnastics events this year, but I saw Komova’s floor routine and I was bummed that she didn’t get a higher score. There is something that’s special about the way she performs!

    But it seems Gabby Douglas nailed her routines, so a great win for her!

    • Komova is an incredibly talented gymnast, and she can out-dance anybody. The one thing that bugs me about her floor routines is the lack of expression in her face. Even in her performance in the AA, which was great, she has that slightly terrified/blank look on her face. It’s almost as though she’s thinking, “I have to be up on my toes and get great leaps, otherwise my coach will taser me!” I’d love to see her express herself more, to actually perform to the crowd. She doesn’t need to smile to do that, she just needs to express herself in her dancing, or tell a story. As good as she is, she would be even better if she could do that!
      Hmm, I guess I”ll have to write my post about Vika after all!

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