Batman and Robin: The Batman movie that dare not speak its name

I’ve decided that, since I’m still thinking about The Dark Knight Rises, and will probably see it a few more times, I am going to also go back and re watch Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. 

However, first, as painful as it might be, we also need to revisit the reason for the Christopher Nolan reboot of Batman, the travesty of film known as Batman and Robin. 

I’m not going to watch that one again, I just don’t hate myself enough to do that.  But I’m going to post some clips from Youtube, and comment about what stands out to me.

First of all, what stands out to me is the color palate.  Blue, red, green, even neon yellows are splashed around the movie.  It’s truly comic book looking, in the sense that it’s filled with vivid colors.  Everything around Mr. Freeze is electric blue.  Poison Ivy is green and red.  The movie is so bright!  It’s especially shocking in retrospect, when the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy is so muted and dark.

Second of all, there’s just so much silliness in the movie!  Mr. Freeze prompting his henchmen to sing “Mr. White Christmas,” (and even better, Batman and Robin having ice skates in their boots) is just beyond ridiculous!  I find their treatment of Mr. Freeze to be especially silly and equally frustrating.  One of the myriad advantages of having a younger brother is I actually watched a fair number of action cartoons, so I am pretty familiar with the Power Rangers, Ninja Turtles, and of course, the Batman cartoons.  I actually remember the Batman cartoon that introduced Mr. Freeze, and the tragic back story of his dying wife.  I cried.  Granted, I was a sensitive child, but the point is, I was very moved by Mr. Freeze.  The same back story appears in the movie, and it’s just absurd.

Third, I include this collection of terrible quotes in the movie.  It mostly speaks for itself.

My personal favorite is as follows:

Batman: Why would Poison Ivy want to help Mr. Freeze escape?

Robin: Well, she’s definitely evil. 

There’s not a trace of irony Robin’s response.  Not. a. trace.

Needless to say, this film was a disaster from start to finish.  The writing was bad, the design was garish, the acting was silly, pretty much every single aspect of this movie is horrific.

Lastly, I present a review of Batman and Robin by two guys on Youtube, fanboy flicks.  Random guys on Youtube are an authority on bad movies like this, I feel.

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