So, September was Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month…


Anyway, I figure better late than never, even though this is not a cancer blog, as you can plainly see from the subtitle.

Last December, I had a biopsy on my thyroid gland, specifically on a nodule on my left thyroid lobe.  Two days later, I received the shock of my life when I found out that the biopsy found abnormal cells.

Almost ten months later, post surgery and Radio Active Iodine treatment, I am currently cancer free.  However, I am not alone.  According to the Thyroid Cancer Survivor’s Association, more than 56,000 people will be diagnosed with thyroid cancer this year, making it the fastest increasing cancer in both men and women.

To this end, I want to remind everyone to get checked for thyroid cancer.  It’s very simple.  Go schedule a yearly physical with your general practitioner, and make sure he or she does a neck check.  The doctor will wrap his fingers around your neck, near the collarbone, and ask you to swallow.  It’s that simple.  If your doctor feels something, he will send you for an ultrasound, and if necessary, a biopsy.  Also, be sure to tell your doctor about any symptoms such as change in your voice, hoarseness, and difficulty swallowing.

While thyroid cancer is usually very treatable, early detection is essential, just like any other cancer.

Oh, one last thing.

Thyroid cancer
is NOT a “good” cancer
When found early, thyroid cancer is usually treatable.
However, some thyroid cancers are aggressive and difficult to treat.
Even when treatable, thyroid cancer is life-disrupting, expensive, and
stressful for us and our loved ones.
It also requires us to take daily medication for thyroid hormone
replacement for the rest of our lives
For these and many other reasons, thyroid cancer is not a “good”

No cancer is.
Get the facts. Find free services.
Visit to find out about:
• Neck checks for early detection
• Thyroid cancer testing, treatment, and research
• Free support groups, one-to-one support, publications, and
educational events

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2 Responses to So, September was Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month…

  1. mariposaxprs says:

    Hi Emma,

    It’s so nice to hear that you’re getting your health back. You went through a lot this past year, and I hope you didn’t suffer too much throughout the treatments. Here’s to your health!! And thank you for keeping us updated (along with the information about early detection).

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