My Follow Up with my Endocrinologist

My follow up with my endocrinologist was very ordinary.  He did not order an ultrasound, because I had an ultrasound three months ago.  He ordered some blood work to check my TSH levels, and he might change my prescription from 150 micrograms to 137 micrograms, so I won’t have to break a pill in half every Sunday.  He also felt my neck to feel for lumps in my lymph nodes.  He also ordered blood work for thyroglobulin to see if it is still undetectable.  If it starts to climb again, that is a sign that the cancer is returning.

I still have to wait a week or so to hear about the thyroglobulin.  However, he seemed very confident with the way everything else is progressing.  He didn’t feel anything unusual in my neck, and he was happy with the test results from 3 months ago.

He mentioned that he may want to do a total body scan around the one year mark, but it did not have to be exactly around the one year mark.  In fact, he said he might even wait until around August, because I’ll probably get another ultrasound in February.

I’m still waiting for my blood work, but my endocrinologist was very happy, and he said he’d see me in six months!

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2 Responses to My Follow Up with my Endocrinologist

  1. Good news, Emma! Oh, and I also love the The Queen.

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