Film Festival Time!

It is time for the 37th Annual Cleveland International Film Festival! 

However, this will be a much more muted celebration this year, because I am doing my student teaching (yay!) and therefore cannot take vacation this next week.  However, I am on spring break this week, so I can go to the film festival Thursday, Friday, and Saturday as well, and I will go next weekend, no doubt.  (I may even go this Sunday, we’ll see.) 

It looks to be a great festival this year.  This year, for the first time, they will present the ReelWomenDirect Award for Excellence in Directing by a Woman, a $10,000 prize, to the film chosen by audience vote. 

The Focus on Filmmakers will feature the works of numerous different Latino and Latina filmmakers. 

The Festival’s Someone to Watch will honor five filmmakers, by showing several of their films.  These filmmakers hail from Belgium (Nic Balthazar), Norway (Martin Lund) and the US (Kristy Guevara Flanagan, Tom Gustafson and Cory Krueckeberg) .  Congratulations to all of them. 

There is also a new Sidebar called Islamic and Arab Societies. 

Anyway, there are lots of films that I would love to see, but will be unable to see. 

Here are some of those films. 

1 The Kings of Summer

The opening film of the film festival this year, a coming of age story of three teenagers.  It received rave reviews at Sundance this year. 

2 The Almost Man

A comedy from Norway about a 35 year old man who refuses to grow up, and his wife who finally decides she’s had enough.  My mom swears by Scandinavian films.

3 Aqui and Alla (Here and There)

A look at the life and struggles of migrant workers, specifically the toll that this takes on the family. 

4 Blondie

A family gathers together to celebrate the matriarchs 70th birthday, only to find out that their perfect family is not so perfect after all.

5 Brave Miss World

The former Israeli beauty queen travels the world after she is raped to work as a victim’s advocate.  This is a documentary, and it follows her attempts not only to help others, but to find healing herself. 

6 Casear Must Die

A black and white film about the performance of Shakespeare’s Julius Casesar in a maximum security prison in Rome. 

There are a lot, lot more.  I’ll list those later. 



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