More films I want to see

1 Google and the World Brain

A documentary about Google’s quest to scan a copy of every book ever written.

2 He’s Way More Famous than You

This is a movie about an actress trying to save her career.  This film must have had a lot of pre-festival buzz, because the film was already on stand by two days ago!  I hope it comes out on DVD/Blue-Ray, so I can see it. 

3 Death of a Man in the Balkans

A dark comedy about a man who commits suicide on his webcam.  It sounds really creative because I believe the film is entirely shot through the point of view of the webcam!  It’s a Serbian film, so it’s a part of the George Gund III Memorial Central and Eastern European Film Competition. 

4 Girl Rising

A documentary about the rise of girl’s education across the globe.  🙂 

5 Renoir

A film about the artist Renoir.  After the loss of his wife, a young model helps him rediscover his passion for life and art.  This is a French film. 

6 Camp-14 Total Control Zone

An animated documentary about life in a North Korean “re-education” camp.  That sounds really fascinating, especially because North Korea is the world’s black box.  What’s in the box?  Who knows? 

7 Vera 68

In 1968, a Czech gymnast won four gold medals, including a tie for gold on the floor exercise with a Soviet gymnast.  To protest the recent invasion of her country by the Soviets, she turned her head to the side during the Soviet anthem, and she was persecuted for years afterwards.  But Vera has a lot of heart, and she ended up an adviser to the Czech president after the Cold War. 

8 Hatred

This is an Iranian film about a young man and woman living in Turkey trying to escape from their families and lives.  I have not seen an Iranian film, but there always seem to be Iranian films at the festival. 

9 Chasing Rainbows is a Romanian film about a man who may have won the lottery.  Romanian cinema has grown to surprising prominence over the years, and the Romanian film Best Intentions won the prize for Eastern and Central film. 

Ok, that’s a small selection of the films I want to see.  Next, I’ll tell you the films I am planning to see. 

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