Tio Papi review (belated)

The final film I saw at the film festival this year was Tio Papi, a feel good story about an immature Puerto Rican man who inherits is six nieces and nephews when his sister and her husband die.  At first, he does not want to care for the children, but is willing to care for the children while social services try to place them in foster homes.

The movie, as a feel good movie, proceeded as it was expected.  The children help him to grow up, he decides he wants to raise the children, and he fights the state to win custody.

Despite the somewhat predicable plot, the film was filled with delightful characters and was surprisingly upbeat, for a film in which 6 children are orphaned.  My friend and I enjoyed this film a lot, and it was a fun way to end the film festival this year.

Rating: Good

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