True Colors

It’s been a week since my last day, but I wanted to talk about how people often show their true colors. On my last day, my boss and some other co-workers came in and started pillaging my room. They just came in, starting removing things (without even asking what was mine!) and carrying it out. They didn’t even say “I’m sorry,” or “Goodbye” or “Good luck.” My direct superior certainly did not say anything of the sort to me. I found that shocking, especially considering I was laid off, NOT terminated for cause. For heaven’s sake, I remember a couple of years ago (at a different place) when a former co-worker of mine was terminated for cause. We did not treat him like that! We said goodbye and told him to keep in touch.

It was shocking, but very telling, in my opinion. It made me think that, money excepted, I was lucky to be laid off from such a place.

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4 Responses to True Colors

  1. Sorry to hear about your being laid off and hope you find gainful employment soon. You are too bright a button to not be snapped up soon.

    There is something about schools which encourages people to behave in this way, a way which they would volubly deplore if it was the students in their class behaving in the same manner. That such behavior is typical doesn’t excuse it.

  2. Todd says:

    In my first parish, I came back from a vacation to find that the pastor had directed the business manager to stamp every book and piece of sheet music in my office with the “Property of St M…” designation. About 30% of that stuff was mine. When I left the place, naturally, I took everything that was mine, stamped or not. Nobody was looking over my shoulder, thankfully.

    People can be just plain weird about stuff like that.

    So sorry to hear of your job loss. I’ve been there. Done that. Don’t want to do it again. You are in my prayers.

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