Thoughts on Real Figure Skating

I saw the Men’s Free Skate last Friday, and I was incredibly disappointed. It was a splatfest, and the skater who won managed to win with two falls. This should not be permitted.

I’ve seen the same thing in gymnastics, where the gymnasts realize the easiest way to win is to throw in incredibly hard moves and pray. Now it seems then men are loading programs with quad jumps that they may or not be able to land, and they’re being rewarded with it.

Here’s the thing figure skating board. I can’t tell the difference between a triple toe loop and a quad toe loop. Very, very few people can. However, even the most lay of laymen can tell the difference between a skater falling on his ass and a skater landing the jump cleanly. Three years from now, when I go on Youtube to see the free program of the skater who won the gold medal, I’ll see a program with two falls.

For those of you who want to know what kind of skating I would like to see instead, I present to you exhibit A, and the antidote to the splatfest we saw several nights ago.

Watch over and over again. This is REAL figure skating.

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