I am excited by the fact that I recently had my 300th post. Nonetheless, in other ways, my life is marked by a horrible sense of malaise.
1 No full time job. I’m subbing, so it’s something. But I’d rather have a full time job.

2 I’m not crazy about where I live. I’m living in Not Cleveland, and I would actually rather be in Cleveland. Or Chicago. Or New York. Or Boston. Or DC. Or London. Or Europe. Or somewhere else. Granted, it’s not the worst place in the whole world. It’s not Detroit. Or Oklahoma. Even so, it could be so much better.

3 I’m lazy. I waste all this time I could be writing, or reading. Or learning more about Microsoft Office. Or practicing my Spanish. Or trying to teach myself computer programming. But I don’t. Grrr.

4 This just makes me jealous of other people. Even jealous of crazy things. I read about this girl who went to prep school in London where she studied Shakespeare in the third grade. Not fair.

5 The job application process is officially messed up. There are times where the application is rejected automatically, mere seconds after I submitted it. God help us, our lives are now officially in the hands of computers.

In short, I just feel like this song.

Although, I must say, I’m glad I’m not 6’9″.

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