Films about Women List 3

Tonight is the closing ceremony of the 38th Annual Cleveland International Film Festival. I hope it was a resounding success and I cannot wait to return to the festival next year!

Anyway, continuing my Films About Women list, here are three more films about women that have appeared at previous film festivals.

1 Dear Lemon Lima

This is a film about a young girl (yes, girls count as women in this list!) who struggles with a broken relationship, finding new friends, fitting into a new private school, and accepting her Native American heritage. This film sounds sappy, but there is surprisingly little sap. There is even a suicide.

This film also has a very different style than a normal teenage movie. It’s a bit like a cross between Juno and a Wes Anderson film.

2 Lemon Tree

From an American school in Alaska, we move to Israel. This is a film about two women, an Israeli and a Palestinian, and a lemon grove. The two women have a strange, mournful connection in the film. As the Israeli woman says, “I wish I could be a better neighbor to her.” Unfortunately, due to the crisis in the Middle East, this is impossible. This film, in some ways, exemplifies what I hope to highlight in my Films About Women series. It is a dramatic, and at times, bleak look at one of the most volatile regions in the world, told through the eyes of women who just happen to live there.

3 Anita

We finish off with a documentary I saw last year about the Anita sexual harassment hearings before the Senate Judiciary Committee. I posted a much longer review of it last year, and I will link to it here. This is a funny, infuriating, thought provoking film. I would see it again in a minute.

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