Liebster Blog Award!


Thank you to Reel Ryan for nominating me for the Liebster Award. It’s an award that works kind of like a chain letter. It’s for newer bloggers or bloggers with a limited number of followers. I will now get to nominate 1-11 others for this award.

As a recipient, I have to state 11 facts about myself.

1 Emma is not my real name.
2 I love to buy Vogue every few months and look at the fashion spreads.
3 I have a younger brother. He doesn’t know this blog exists.
4 While I have never been to Europe, I did spend a year living in South Korea. As such, I have been to the DMZ. It was one of the most surreal/great experiences of my life. (I’m determined to go to London in the next couple of years, even if I have to prostitute myself once I get there.)
5 I think Deep Space Nine is the best Star Trek series.
6 I graduated Cum Laude with Honors in History. I also got an award for outstanding achievement in history.
7 I once had to count almost $250,000 in cash. It was actually very tedious and boring.
8 I spent two years volunteering as a candy striper during high school.
9 I love to sing, just not for other people.
10 I’m a lazy, messy person by nature. I should work on that. At some point. Maybe not. It sounds hard.
11 I got straight A’s for the first time my senior year of college. I told you, I’m lazy.

Here are my questions for my nominees.
1 How did you come up with the title for your blog?
2 What is the best movie you’ve seen this year?
3 Do you have siblings?
4 What is the craziest thing you have seen traveling?
5 What song/piece of music really speaks to you right now?
6 If you could go back to college (or go for the first time) what would you study?
7 What is the neatest or strangest thing you’ve ever done at your job?
8 Do you have a favorite painting/sculpture/artwork?
9 Do you have hidden talents?
10 What would you like to change about yourself?
11 What is your biggest accomplishment?

Here are my nominees. Many of these are people who have liked posts on my blog or have followed my blog.
1 Readful Things Blog

2 Margaret Felice

3 Movies and Mangoes

4 Michele Marie’s Poetry

5 Finding Podsibilities

6 Bradford Cares

7 Celia Fitzgerald

8 Cassandra Rose Arthur

9 Sarah’s Thoughts on Science, Spirituality, Practicality

10 Greenish Peas

11 Many Joy Faces

Congratulations to my nominees. Tag, your it!

Reel Ryan also has 11 questions for me to answer.

1.What’s your favorite scary movie (uses Scream voice)?
My favorite scary movie, unfortunately, does not exist.

Since this film does not exist, I choose the original Halloween.

2.If you had to choose between only romantic comedies or disaster films which would you go with?

That’s a tough one. I’ll pick romantic comedies, simply because I do not like disaster movies very much.

3.Best movie soundtrack?

Lord of the Rings. I went to the symphony version at the Cleveland Orchestra. It was wonderful.

4.Favorite movie quote?

“I’m gonna make this pencil disappear.” The Joker, The Dark Knight

5.Where do you sit in a movie theater and why?

In the center row of the center of the theater. Because it’s in the center.

6.What’s worse… cell phone screens on during a movie or talking?

Cell phones. No contest. I do occasionally talk (whisper) during a film, so I can’t hate on it too much.

7.All-time favorite film?

Tough one. I love The Dark Knight, which is so much more than a comic book film. Is it the greatest film ever made? No, but put it in and I’ll watch it right now.

8.Best Disney movie?

Beauty and the Beast. No contest.

9.Your favorite actor?

Tough one. I do really like Leonardo DiCaprio, so I’ll go with him. Michael Fassbender is also growing on me. I also revered Phillip Seymour Hoffman, and I am still incredibly angry that he is dead.

10.An actor you would like to jettison into space?
Dana Carvey, because I saw Master of Disguise in the theater, and it was literally one of the worst experiences of my life. The film was 82 minutes long and it felt like hours. Hours of having screws drilled into your legs. For that, I will jettison him into space.

11.Are you with me on petitioning for quiet foods in movie theaters? Like soft breads, just nothing that rattles or crunches?
I do love soft breads, but I love hard candies like the chewable sweet tarts they sell at the movies. I almost bought some today when I went to see X-Men Days of Future Past. So nope, sorry!

BTW, X-Men Days of Future Past is really amazing. James McAvoy has grown exponentially in my eyes due to his performance as Charles Xavier in this film. Bravo James, bravo!

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