Listening to the rain

Sometimes there is nothing more wonderful than a rainy summer night.  There is something soothing and refreshing about the sound of the water hitting the pavement and the cool air feels invigorating and relaxing at the same time. 

Summer storms rush in and disappear almost as quickly as they arrive.  They also provide a great and exciting show, full of flashing lights and loud booms.  (Hollywood would approve.) 

A slow, light rain is peaceful.   

There are times when I am glad I live in a place where they have seasons, whether in Cleveland or Not Cleveland.  It is wonderful to go and sit outside on a warm summer evening and enjoy the sunshine.  It’s even wonderful to listen to the rain and remember that water falling from the sky can have a sound, and can disappear as soon as it hits the ground, rather than piling up and remaining for weeks. 


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