Crucifixion of St. Andrew

This picture is, as I stated before, by my favorite artist, Caravaggio. It is full of drama and emotion, and his paintings are “messy.” There is no sense of serenity in his paintings, they are fully human.

Crucifixion of St. Andrew Caravaggio

This painting is owned by the Cleveland Museum of Art, but is not currently on display. The painting is undergoing restoration to see if it can safely travel to Europe for an exhibition.

The Cleveland Museum of Art, in its genius, decided to temporarily clean the painting in public. A cleaner would work on the painting in full view of the public and was available at set times to answer questions. Kudos to the Cleveland Museum of Art!

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4 Responses to Crucifixion of St. Andrew

  1. Ghislaine says:

    Caravaggio is one of my favourite artists too! Do you know his painting “Saint Catherine” ? That picture alone is worth travelling to Madrid for, it’s so beautiful. I would not call his paintings “messy” in contrary. There is always clarity about subject, meaning, form and colour.

    • I will have to look up the painting in Madrid.

      I guess I should have explained what I meant by messy. By messy, I mean human. I’ll have to write a post to explain that.

      Thanks for commenting and thanks for the recommendation!

  2. Ghislaine says:

    “By messy, I mean human.” Yes, very much so.
    “I’ll have to write a post to explain that.” I’m looking forward to reading it. Thanks.

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