Raphael’s Madonna of the Goldfinch

Raphael Madonna of the Goldfinch

I took this from Wikipedia:

“In Madonna Del Cardellino, the goldfinch represents Christ’s crucifixion. The reason for its association comes from the legend that its red spot was born at the time of the crucifixtion. It flew down over the head of Christ and was taking a thorn from His crown, when it was splashed with the drop of His blood. The book in Mary’s hand reads Sedes Sapientiae or “The Throne of Wisdom.” This term usually is applied to images in which Mary is seated upon a throne, with Jesus on her lap, but in this case, the inscription implies the rock which Mary sits on as her natural throne.”

This painting was originally a wedding gift to his friend Lorenzo Nasi and is currently on display at the Uffitzi Gallery in Florence.

Happy New Year Everyone!

*One aside, I cannot tell whether or not Jesus is circumcised in this painting. That bothers me.*

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2 Responses to Raphael’s Madonna of the Goldfinch

  1. Ghislaine says:

    “Uffitzi Gallery in France”

    The Uffizi Gallery is located in Florence, Italy.

    Happy New Year, Emma.

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