Meditation on Irrational Thoughts : An Introduction

A couple of months ago I reposted a post from Everyday Positive Psychology.

This post lists twelve irrational ideas that negatively impact people’s lives. Albert Ellis, an American psychologist, came up with this list.

1 The idea that you must have sincere love and approval almost all the time from all the people you find significant.
2 The idea that you must prove yourself thoroughly competent, adequate and achieving, or that you must at least have real competence or talent at something.
3 The idea that people who harm you or commit misdeeds rate as generally bad, wicked or villainous individuals, and that you should severely blame, damn and punish them for their sins.
4 The idea that life proves awful, terrible, horrible or catastrophic when things do not go the way you would like them to go.
5 The idea that emotional misery comes from external pressures and that you have little ability to control your feelings or rid yourself of depression and hostility.
6 The idea that if something seems dangerous or fearsome, you must become terribly occupied with and upset about it.
7 The idea that you will find it easier to avoid facing many of life’s difficulties and self-responsibilities than to undertake some rewarding forms of self-discipline.
8 The idea that your past remains all-important and that, because something once strongly influenced your life, it has to keep determining your feelings and behavior today.
9 The idea that people and things should turn out better than they do; and that you have to view it as awful and horrible if you do not quickly find good solutions to life’s hassles.
10 The idea that you can achieve happiness by inaction or by passively and uncommittedly ‘enjoying yourself’.
11 The idea that you must have a high degree of order or certainty to feel comfortable.
12 The idea that you give yourself a global rating as a human and that your general worth and self-acceptance depends on the goodness of your performance and the degree that people approve of you.

This list really resonated with me, so much so that, over the next few months, I am going to examine each idea in detail and how this idea impacts my life.

Stay tuned.

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