Haydn Cello Concerto Number 1

I listened to this at the Cleveland Orchestra a few months ago; it was a remarkable experience. I got the cheapest seats I could, $25 in the second row. Supposedly, the sound is better in other parts of the Hall. (I’m not rich enough to know.) I don’t care; I am glad I got to watch the soloist up close. It was a remarkable experience.

At times, when he was not playing, he was sitting back with his eyes closed. He had a pleasurable, zen-like expression. When he began to play, his face would come alive. It was passionate, angry, even comical. All through it, I could sense the sheer physical and emotional exertion that it took to play at such a high level.

I knew the soloist was experiencing the music on a higher plane than I ever could; that is probably for the best. But it was still a remarkable experience nevertheless.

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