Unemployment, ie What I Did Not Write About: The Deer

Note: The events described in this series took place between August of 2013 and September of 2014.

I spent most of my time while I was waiting for the results of my FBI background check going to the library and to the park.

One day, I was walking in the park and a deer walked into the middle of the path. I froze in amazement. Of course I had seen deer before, but it was always in my car. This was the first time that I had seen a deer face to face, so to speak. I was slightly nervous because he was not that far away, but he refused to move. I finally decided to just start running towards him, hoping he would run away. He did. (I know that sounds strange, but the deer had been standing there for a long time, and I didn’t want to spend the evening there.)

I am putting this story in my series because it was such a pure moment. So many times I tend to live “in my head,” and not live “in the moment.” And yet, that was a moment of peace and wonder. I love the song “Beautiful Day” by U2, especially the bridge where he sings “See the World All Green and Blue, See China Right in Front of You.” He uses the word “see” but I think he means, “notice,” and “contemplate.” As I saw the deer standing in the middle of the path, I did just that, and it was a beautiful day.

Shortly after that experience, my background check cleared and I was able to start substitute teaching.

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