Facebook Friends

I did not join Facebook until my senior year of college.  At that point, only high school students and college students were permitted to join.  Of course, that did not last long. I remember someone I knew in college who called Facebook “the pseudo-world.”  He wondered why he cared how he was perceived in the pseudo-world, or how he presented himself in the pseudo-world.

Facebook is strange, and can distort the truth.  I had that experience today when I saw a picture on Facebook today.  It was taken eight years ago, when I was in South Korea.  I had not posted many pictures on Facebook lately.  At that moment, I started to feel like I have not done anything memorable since then.  This is of course, a fallacy, but I responded by posting pictures I had taken in the past few months.  My view of my life had been distorted, and I needed to correct that distortion.  On Facebook.

I thought about this last summer.  A couple of years ago I sent a friend request to one of my friends in elementary school.  She did not approve, for whatever reason.  I did not know what to make of that.  Perhaps she wanted to limit her number of Facebook friends, I reasoned.  I knew it wasn’t animosity, we did not have a falling out, we just drifted apart.

And yet, last summer, I saw her again at a mutual friend’s party.  When she saw me, she smiled, called me by my childhood nickname, and hugged me.  She seemed very pleased to see me again.  At some point in the party, I briefly wondered why she had not accepted my friend request.  At yet, at the same time, I wondered, “Why do I care?”  Why do I care if she accepts me into her realm of the “friends” in the pseudo-world?



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