CIFF Film Reviews: My Internship in Canada

My Internship in Canada is a French Canadian film about a minister of Parliament who suddenly finds himself the deciding vote for war and decides to consult his constituents.  Unfortunately for him, his constituency is just as divided as his own family.  Some are pacifists who are opposed to all military action.  Others feel that the war would be good for manufacturing.  The minister can also advance is career by supporting the war, so he must weigh his personal ambitions as well.

The film is called My Internship in Canada because the Minister has an intern from Haiti.  He skypes to his family and friends in Haiti to give them the ins and outs of a political structure.  One of the minor Haitian characters is his mother, who is the proverbial worrywart, but very funny.

Overall, My Internship in Canada was a very funny, lighthearted film about a man who finds himself in the center of a political firestorm.  The film also has a lot of local color, between the French Canadians and the aboriginal peoples of Quebec.

Rating : Excellent

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