Ach, Ich Fuhl’s by Genia Kühmeier

We return again to Die Zauberflote, which has some wonderful music wasted on a terrible story.

Seriously, I do not care about Tamino’s search for Masonic enlightenment.  But, this is a very famous aria, and for good reason.  It is far simpler than The Queen of the Nights’ famous showpiece, but it does give the sense of sadness.  I’m sure it’s also far more difficult than it sounds.

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2 Responses to Ach, Ich Fuhl’s by Genia Kühmeier

  1. wilfried says:

    The aria has some long, spun-out climbing passages, some chromatic, which are not easy to sing imo. As for the story, I read Johann Wolfgang Goethe, the famous German poet, liked the libretto quite well, and even started to write a sequel for the piece.

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