Sweat at Cleveland Play House: A Quick Review

I just want to write a quick review of the play Sweat, which I saw at the Cleveland Play House last weekend.

I had been looking forward to that show ever since this season was announced, and Sweat did not disappoint.

Sweat tells the story of individuals working at a factory which demands workers take a steep pay cut to avert layoffs.  In reaction to this, the workers go on strike.

Sweat is basically why I go to the theater.

The show resonates, in large part because it is topical.  The characters argue about NAFTA, corporate greed, immigration, and who is and is not an American.

The show resonates because of the way the plot slowly builds to its horrifying climax, and because the characters are sympathetic.  The play lacks a villain; the drama comes from watching friendships and communities slowly disintegrate.

Please go see Sweat.


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