Amateur Local History Corner: An Introduction

So, my Mom has argued that I should write about history on my blog, because I double majored in history and theater.  I write about movies and theater, but not history.

Part of it was I could not think of way to write about history on my blog.  I didn’t want to simply turn my blog into a Wikipedia page, where I simply list historical facts.  Plus, I also didn’t just want to review history books that I read or have read.

But recently, I have started thinking about producing things.  I watch tons of Youtube videos and try to read books about a variety of subjects.  I consume, but what do I produce?

To this end, I have decided to introduce an Amateur Local History Corner.  I will select a topic in local history and study it in depth.  I will pick recent events so that I can try to find lots of primary sources and review what I am finding in the sources.  Who knows?  I may even interview witnesses, but let’s not go crazy.  I may also try to use different historical frameworks to analyze the evidence, such as psychoanalytical history, social history, environmental history, or even Marxist history, just for kicks.  We’ll see.  I did pick up a textbook Houses of History to review the different interpretive lenses of history.

So, watch for the upcoming Amateur Local History Corner.  Wish me luck!



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