43rd Annual Cleveland International Film Festival!

It is the 43rd Annual Cleveland International Film Festival.

By the time it is over, I will have seen 3 full length feature films and 4 collections of shorts.  🙂

This is the most number of shorts I have ever seen in a festival.

I am doing this because last year I was not able to take off time for the film festival, so I “only” saw five full length feature films last year.

This year, as compensation, I am seeing four collections of shorts, including the Audience Shorts Winners.

I am not seeing any full length documentaries this year, though I will see short documentary films.  That’s OK.  Between Naila and the Uprising, RBG, Won’t You Be My Neighbor?, and Three Identical Strangers (the latter three I saw at my local theaters) I saw a few documentaries last year.

I think I have FINALLY entered my theme phase of the Cleveland International Film Festival.

Basically, for the next few years, I will pick a theme based around one of the various competitions.  50% of the films I will see will be from that collection.

This year, it is short films.

Next year, I think, will be documentaries.


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