Beethoven Piano Sonata 2 in A Major

The pianist is Daniel Barenboim.

According to one of the comments on this video, by the time Beethoven wrote his sonatas, the professional pianist was much more of a thing than it was in Mozart’s day, and this helps to explain the virtuoso nature of Beethoven’s sonatas, in comparison with Mozart’s.

I don’t know if that is true, but I do know that, during Mozart’s time, the piano was seen as the instrument of the aristocratic lady.  (Men did play the piano of course, but the piano was seen as a woman’s instrument.)  Aristocratic ladies did devote time to practicing the piano (as Jane Austin attests) but I doubt many of them ever reached the same level of skill as a professional pianist.

Anyway, the second piano sonata is also very beautiful.  I wish I had taken a class in music theory, so that I could explain what it is that I am hearing.  Perhaps YouTube has a video on music theory.  (As a comedian once said, “Punch your keyboard twice and hit search.  There’s a video for that.”)


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